For many homeowners, a natural hardwood floor can be a daunting option to maintain. However, the charm and timeless nature of hardwood flooring ensures its popularity. Bedrooms and living rooms are expected locales, but can hardwood floor find a place in your kitchen? The answer may surprise you. Ask yourself the following questions and determine whether you should consider hardwood flooring in your kitchen.

Do you have a regular cleaning or maintenance routine?

Hardwood floors are famously fragile in many ways. If you are the type of homeowner who neglects to sweep at least weekly or wipe up spills immediately in the kitchen, hardwood floors may not be the right choice for you. Water damage can ruin your floors easily, and without proper cleaning, the wood’s condition will quickly deteriorate.

If, on the other hand, you do keep a regular maintenance routine, being willing to perform basic upkeep, including weekly sweeping and quarterly polishing, this points to hardwood as a possibility for you.

Lessen the possibility of spills by using rugs or mats in danger areas like the sink or under a dining table or counter.

What level of the building is your kitchen on?

Hardwood (solid wood, in particular) can react poorly to moisture and dampness. In a kitchen, the obvious culprit for this is accidental spills, but what you may fail to consider is the climate of the level you are on. Basements, for example, tend towards dampness, and so if your kitchen is located in the basement, you may want to consider stone or laminate flooring options instead. Otherwise, make a note of the climate and humidity changes in the part of the house your kitchen is, and plan accordingly.

What is your budget?

Hardwood flooring is among the more expensive flooring options. If you find yourself wanting to save money on flooring, there are superior options for doing so. Additionally, moving ahead with hardwood in a kitchen is simplest with a highly-textured species of wood. This will prevent small dings and scratches from the constant use from being as noticeable. However, it may well skyrocket your costs, depending on personal preference. Research various options, such as oak or ash, and their costs within this realm before committing to going for hardwood floors.

Did you answer the questions positively? If so, hardwood flooring might be a workable investment to bring your kitchen’s aesthetics to a new level. Visit websites like for more information.