When you decide that you want to replace the windows of your home, it is helpful to understand some of the language of windows, which are the terms that are used on the labels of the windows that are available for you to choose from. Understanding these terms will ensure that you choose windows that are right for your home. Here are some of the terms that you may run into:

  1. Glazing: Glazing is the glass that is used in the windows. There can be a different number of layers of glazing that are used, such as triple, double, or single. However, these layers usually do not make your windows have greater efficiency. 
  2. Low-E: Low-E stand for low emissivity, which is the window’s ability to reflect the sun’s UV rays instead of absorbing it. Be aware that when a window has Low-E, it can increase the price of the total cost of the window. You can always add Low-E films later on after you install your replacement windows. However, these films aren’t as effective as the Low-E films that are put between the glazing layers on the window during production.
  3. Frame Materials: There are many different frame materials to choose from, vinyl included. Vinyl has a great number of strengths above other materials, such as the fact that it is great at insulating and easy to maintain. This is because vinyl comes in whatever color you choose and does not chip or need to be replaced like wood does.
  4. Gas Fills: Gas fills, such as argon or krypton gas, are put between the glazing layers and help to improve insulation. This is because the gas causes slow heat transfer. You may want to be sure that the windows you choose have gas fillers. However, these gas fillers won’t work at higher altitudes because of the air pressure that will just cause them to leak. So if you live at a higher altitude, be sure that you save your money and choose replacement windows that do not come with gas fillers.
  5. Spacers: Spacers are what separate the glass in the windows to help improve the quality of insulation. It is important that the spacers are made of a quality design and material to help prevent condensation and heat loss.

Knowing some of these terms are going to help you choose the right qualities in your replacement windows. This will also ensure that you are not spending money on any features that are not needed for your home. Contact a company like Superior Windows for help with replacing windows.