Water features like fountains and ponds can provide a beautiful and relaxing environment in your backyard. While they are lovely to look at, you will still need to perform maintenance and cleaning on them. This will help keep the water clean and reduce grim, mold and various debris that can nearly ruin the water feature. Follow these tips for maintaining your outdoor water features.

Use a Skimmer

One of the items you will use most often to keep your water features cleaned and well maintained is the skimmer. This is a simple tool that sweeps the top surface of the water in order to remove various types of debris. There should be a basket inside the skimmer tool that collects the debris and acts as a first-stage filter. It can collect different types of debris in your water feature, such as seeds, twigs and leaves that have blown into it. The season may depend on how often you skim the feature, where fall will be the most frequent due to falling leaves.

Check the Filter Mat

The second stage of the skimming process for your water feature is using the filter mat. This is a mat that is located below the debris basket. It is going to catch debris that goes past the basket and the skimmer failed to collect the first time around. You don’t need to do much with the mat, except check it occasionally and dispose of the debris.

Maintain the Pump

As far as maintenance goes, water features are typically low maintenance. However, you may occasionally have issues with the water pump. The first sign that there is something wrong with the water pump is if the flow of water is slow, such as a waterfall feature where the water seems to be going slower than it used to. First, check the filter screen below the pump to make sure it is not clogged with debris. Next, call in a professional plumber like one from Biard & Crockett Plumbing if you think you have a more serious problem with the pump.

Update the Filter

If you have had the water feature for a while and you are having problems with it being dirty or mildew-ridden frequently, it might be time to get a new filter. The filter is what collects much of the dirt and small debris before the skimmer starts doing its job. Every water feature should have a filter, whether it’s a fountain, waterfall or pond. Have it inspected by a plumber with experience using water filters on water features and replace it.