Think of your cabinet’s hardware as the earrings on the face of your kitchen. Sculpted handles, metal pulls and sleek knobs are easy ways to dress up your design without going over budget. Instead of a complete tear-own, you can revamp your kitchen with a simple swap, notes the National Kitchen and Bath Association. If you’re not entirely sure how swapping out your old hardware for a new set can transform your kitchen cabinets, consider the possibilities.

Add Color

If the neutral cabinets that you chose to go with any type of décor need something more, adding a colorful handle or knob can make the difference between fine and fabulous. Instead of investing time or money into completely refinishing the wood, choosing bold hardware is a less permanent option that you can change any time you want.

Cabinets come in a variety of designer options that range from laminate-covered plywood to solid hardwood, according to the Cabinet Maker’s Association. Whether you have a white melamine or light-colored wood finish, you can pair the neutral hue with a vibrant hue. Pick up another color in your kitchen to tie the look together. For example, you could accent your blond-hued pine cabinets with fire engine red knobs that also match the tile on your backsplash.

Sleek Chic

Modernize your kitchen with a sleek metallic pull or space-age style door handle. Keep this kind of hardware choice simple. Anything with engravings or extra glass pieces of paining on it won’t create a contemporary feel. Instead, opt for plain pieces that are streamlined or have geometric shapes.

Select a simple single-color finish for a modern look. For example, add polished chrome angular door pull to your cabinets or flattened cubes in a silver finish to your drawers.

Artsy Details

A highly-detailed or shaped knob can add an artistic touch to your kitchen design. For example, try:

  • A colorful crystal cube
  • An engraved chrome-finish knob
  • An art deco pattern on the handle
  • A whimsical shape such as stay, leaf or seashell
  • A patterned pull

You can add one of these art-inspired pieces of hardware to a plain cabinet or compliment carved wood with a similar design.

Whether you want to make a not-so-noticeable cabinet door come alive or are simply ready for a change, swapping out your old hardware or new ones can create an entirely different feel in your kitchen. This easy design fix is a cost-effective way to make your home look fresh without much effort.