As a homeowner, protecting your wood fence is important to ensuring that it lasts for a long period of time before having to replace it. There are two types of rot; wet and dry. Wet rot is a common problem that homeowners deal with and this happens when the fence is exposed to moisture, which makes it begin to deteriorate. Dry rot occurs when sitting water causes the wood to loose its natural oils, which makes it become brittle and dry. Here’s what you can do to protect your fence from both of these types of rotting:

  • Pressure Treatment: One solution to rotting is to get your fence pressure treated. This is when the fence is chemically treated to allow the wood to become more resistant to moisture that it may become exposed to over time. This then ensures that the wood fence is going to last longer for your home. Many homeowners worry that the chemical treatment is dangerous to the environment though. This is why you should be sure that the chemicals used are those that have been adjusted to reduce its heavy impact on the environment.
  • Using Preservatives: Preservatives are going to help protect your fence even further. Just be sure that you choose preservatives that are water resistant, which is going to help at the highest rate for preventing rotting.
  • Adding a Stain: Many homeowners considering staining their fence simply because it makes it more aesthetically pleasing. However, staining does more than just that. Stains can also work as a sealant, which gives added protection to the fence since it will keep out moisture. If you are considering adding staining to your fence simply because you want the extra protection, just be aware that this isn’t necessary if your fence is already pressure treated, since it provides the same amount of protection.
  • Considering Landscaping: When it comes to protecting your fence from water and moisture, you want to be sure that you avoid letting leaves and sticks pile up along the fence. Allowing this to happens traps in moisture. Also, be sure that the sprinklers do not directly hit the fence. Your fence needs to be completely clear from all of this in order to last as long as possible before needing replacement.

As a homeowner, having a fence is important for privacy, as well as adding curb appeal to your home. This is why you want to be sure that you protect it and keep it lasting for a long period of time. Cedar wood fencing is another great option that should be taken into consideration.