If you have an older window in a wooden frame that has become harder to open over time, you can fix that problem by yourself. It will take you around an hour and a few supplies to fix the spring in a wood framed window. With a new spring, your old window will suddenly feel new again.


  • Screwdriver
  • Plastic Bag or Small Container
  • Bathroom Scale
  • Pliers
  • Replacement Spring
  • Lubricating Paste

Locate And Remove The Stop Bead

The first step to changing out the springs on your window is removing both stop beads. The stop bead does just what its name implies, it stops your window from opening further. There should be two stop beads, one on each side of your window. They will be located on the sash on the side of your window.

Unscrew the stop beads. Set them aside in a plastic baggy or small container so you do not misplace them. You will need to put them back later.

Remove The Bottom Sash

If there is a sash cord holding your window in place, you will need to cut it to complete this next step. Not all windows have a sash cord; so if you don’t see a cord, just move on.

The bottom pane of glass is also known as a sash. Grab it, and pull it away from the top window pane.

Then take the sash, place it on your bathroom scale, and measure how heavy it is. The springs you bought will come with specific weight support restrictions. If the window is heavier than you estimated, you will need to return the springs you purchased and get ones that will support the weight of your window.

After you have weighed the window, set the glass somewhere safe and secure where it will not get broken while you replace the springs.

Remove The Old Springs

Now that you have easy access to your window, you need to get in there and remove the old springs. You will probably need to use a flathead screwdriver to remove the screws holding the springs in place. Since the springs have been in there for such a long time, you may need to use some pliers to pull them out.

Fit The New Springs

Now, take the new springs and fit them into place. The spring package should contain directions on how to install the new springs. Be sure to screw them tightly into place.

Once they are in place and secure, add some lubricating spray or paste to both sides of the window. This will help you with opening and closing the window.

Now that the new spring system is in place, return the bottom window pane to the window and reattach the stop beads with a screwdriver. Your window should open and close now just as easily as a new window. For assistance, talk to a professional like The Door and Window Store.