If you are going to have the roof on your home replaced, there is a chance that you have damage beneath the old shingles. If you are lucky, the damage will just be some rotten decking. Unfortunately, if you have rotten decking, it is also likely that there is damage to the roof rafters or even joists of the framing. If the damage is not too bad, repairs to these things can be easy to do. Here are four tips to help you with repairs to rafters and decking when you have your roof replaced:

1. Identifying Roof Decking Damage In Need Of Repair

Once you have all the old roofing removed from your home, it should be easy to find damaged decking. You will want to look for any wood that is a darker color than the rest of the roof. Take a hammer or flat bar and test it to see if it is rotten. If the wood falls apart to the touch or is easily broken, it will need to be replaced.

2. Removing Decking And Inspecting For Structural Damage

In areas where there is damaged decking, you will want to remove the decking boards  to see if there is any structural damage. If the rafters, joists or other wood framing are in the same condition as the decking, they will need to have repairs done to them. It is a good idea to also inspect any wood below a leak for damage. You can also look for watermarks on the eaves for signs that water is running down the slope of the roof.

3. Reinforcing Damaged Rafters And Joists Before Replacing Decking

Repairing damaged rafters can be done by removing the rotten pieces and splicing them together with new wood. This can be done with all the common rafters on the structure, but if there is damage on hip rafters or any main rafters, a professional should look at the structure to determine what type of repairs need to be done. If it is a rafter that supports the main structure of the roof, the entire rafter will need to be replaced, or a beam will need to be installed to support the weight of repairs.

4. Replacing Decking And Adding Nailers For Reinforcement

Decking can be replaced once any structural repairs are done. Sometimes, the decking repair may need reinforcement to support the new decking. You can use nailers around all the edges to support the new decking that is installed.  If you are using a 1×6 decking material, you can add a piece under existing decking, leaving a lip to give you more wood to fasten the wood to.

These are some tips to help you with the repairs you need for rafters and roof decking on your home. If you need larger repairs to your roofing or help doing some of these things, contact a roof repair contractor like Dean & Dunn Roofing LLC to get your roof back in shape.