When setting up a construction site, it is very important that you secure the area with cameras. The obvious reason for having these cameras is to make sure that no one steals anything from the site after the crew has left for the day, but there is so much more to it than that. Construction sites need security cameras installed around them for many reasons, including:

Protection for the Crew

If there are security cameras installed around your construction site, then you can help keep the crew safe. If an accident happens on the job, you can review the security footage to get a better idea of what happened. Once you have an idea of how the accident happened, who was at fault, etc., you can start creating the case to either give that worker time off, to pay them extra pay, or to do something else for them until they are able to come back to work. If the accident was the employee’s fault and they try to sue you, you can use the security camera footage as evidence against them, so you may not have to pay any restitution at all.

Monitoring the Crew’s Progress

Not only can you keep the crew safe when you have security cameras installed, but you can also monitor the progress of your crew members. If you see someone not doing any work when you check the cameras, this gives you an opportunity to confront that worker to find out what they are doing. You can also monitor the various sectors of your construction site, so you can see how quickly one team is working on one area of the project versus another team that is stationed at another part of the site.

Keeping Employees Honest

If you get security cameras that have time stamps on them, you can use them to keep your employees honest. For example, if one of the crew members is scheduled to come into work at 8:00 AM but they don’t arrive until 11:00 AM and yet document a full workday on their time sheet, you can use the time stamp to show them that you have evidence of when they got in, so you can pay them for what they actually worked, not for what they documented.

Security cameras are a necessity at just about every construction site. Aside from deterring theft, they have many other benefits as well, like the ones mentioned above. If you install a system of security cameras at your construction site, you’ll be amazed at how productivity increases and how much easier it will be to keep track of the finer details that may have normally been overlooked. To find out more, contact a local security company like http://www.arapahoesecurity.com or others.