The excitement of spring can be one of the most enjoyable times of the year, especially if you have a swimming pool. Opening up your pool means you being prepared with the right supplies for doing so. Learn more about the supplies you need for opening your pool after a long winter.

Sump Pumps And Pool Covers

Sump pumps can be handy for many applications requiring water to be removed, including water on your pool cover. If you do not take the time to remove the water on your pool’s cover, it could end up in your pool. Remember how dirty the water is that has been sitting all winter on the cover. If you are a new pool owner, be sure to include a pool cover pump in your pool supplies.

Clarifying Chemicals For Pool Water

Clear, clean water is essential for your pool to be safe and the most enjoyable. Bits of debris may have made it into your pool’s water while being covered during winter. Using a high quality water clarifier can help settle debris to the bottom of the pool, making it easier to vacuum out. Clarifying pool water before adding other chemicals like chlorine is best.

Metals In Pool Water Can Cause Unsightly Stains

All water contains trace metals like iron. However, when the water in your pool is high in metals like iron, stains can appear from them. Some stains, like those from iron, can be stubborn and hard to remove. Adding a trace metal sequestrant to your pool’s water is important and can help you maintain a crystal clear, clean swimming pool.

Shock Treatment For Clean, Safe Water

The water sitting in your pool all winter long contains bacteria that make it unsuitable for safe swimming. For this reason, shocking your pool is extremely important. Shocking pool water simply means adding compounds to it for removing bacteria through the natural process of oxidation. For the best results, shock your pool’s water at least once every two weeks.

Balancing Alkalines And Acids

For your pool water to be the safest and most conditioned, it must have the right balance of alkalines and acids in it. For this reason, adding specially formulated alkalines and acids is necessary, especially during an initial spring pool opening. Unbalanced alkalines and acids in pool water can cause issues like plaster erosion and grout breakdown that can lead to other, more expensive problems.

Enjoying your pool all summer without unwanted problems is a great feeling and one you can look forward to every summer. Making sure you keep an up to date collection of pool supplies from a company like KrisCo Aquatech Pools & Spas is necessary to get the most out of your summer pool.