The harder your air conditioner has to work to keep your home warm, the larger your energy bills will be. This is due to the unit working overtime. Not only does this cost you more on your energy bills each month, but it also increases the chance that you will have to repair or replace your unit sooner. This is why it’s important for you to insulate your home. Windows and doors can be big factors when it comes to the cool air escaping and this article will help you learn how to insulate them.

When you need to fix the problem immediately

If it’s suddenly become extremely hot outside and your air conditioner is having a hard time keeping your home cooled down, you want to take immediate action to seal those problem areas. A rolled-up towel can be put along the spaces at the areas of the door with gaps and duct taped into place. Rolled up towels can also be used in this same manner to quickly insulate the windows.

This method will allow you to cut down on the cool air that escapes your home immediately, but it won’t look very nice. You really want to gather the proper supplies and insulate your windows and doors correctly for the best results.

Insulating your windows permanently

If you can, it’s best to have double-paned windows installed in your home. This will dramatically to down on your energy costs. However, if this is not feasible for your current situation, then you want to repair any cracks in the sill with premixed plaster. Then, use adhesive weather sealing strips to seal gaps along the frame. You should also consider using insulation film on the windows to help thicken them which will help them keep the cool air inside. Thick curtains will also help to insulate your windows.

 Insulating your doors permanently

The weather stripping along your doors will wear out after time and allow the cool air to easily escape your home. You want to use a utility knife to remove all the old weather stripping and clean the surface well with a rag and household cleaner. Once the area has dried completely, you will take an adhesive weather stripping and apply it around the door where you removed the old weather stripping from. If you have a gap at the bottom of the door, you will want to measure the width of your door and purchase a door sweep. You can easily install the sweep by using a drill to screw it into place along the bottom of your door.

Keep your air conditioner properly maintained

You want to make sure your air filters are clean and your air conditioner is working correctly. If you notice any warning signs coming from your air conditioner, you want to call out an HVAC technician to look at it before a little issue becomes a big problem. Warning signs include strange noises, the inability of the unit keeping your home evenly cooled and needing to continuously turn down the thermostat.

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