Patch A Crack In A Concrete Wall In Your Basement And Waterproof It

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If one of your basement’s concrete walls is cracked and water is leaking inside your home each time that it rains, learn how to repair it with concrete patch and add waterproofing sealer to its surface. Once you have completed the following steps, your basement walls will no longer leak. Use The Following Materials wire brush shop vacuum cleaner soapy water sponge towel vinyl tarp concrete patch caulking gun putty knife portable fan waterproofing sealer paint tray paint roller and frame roller handle Clean The Damaged Area Lay a vinyl tarp on the floor in front of the damaged part of the wall. Use a wire brush to loosen and remove small slivers of concrete from the crack in the wall. If you have difficulty removing any of the concrete pieces, press the hose of a shop vacuum cleaner against the crack while the vacuum cleaner is turned on. Wipe the damaged area off with soapy water and a sponge. Rinse the sponge with plain water and move it over the damaged surface to remove soapy residue that was left behind from cleaning the concrete. Dry the wall off with a towel. Fill The Crack And Apply Waterproofing Sealer Insert a tube of concrete patch into a caulking gun. Squeeze an even line of the sealer inside of the crack. Smooth out the sealer with a putty knife so that it is uniform with the rest of the concrete wall. Wait for the patch to dry. This may take several hours. You can speed up the drying process by opening the basement windows or by placing a fan in front of the area of the wall that was cracked. Pour waterproofing sealer into a paint tray. Apply an even coat of the sealer to a paint roller. Move the roller over the concrete wall in straight lines, beginning in one corner of the wall. Cover all of the basement walls with the sealer in the same manner. The sealer will need several hours to dry. After the wall has dried, you will no longer need to worry about water leaking inside of your home. You can keep your home further protected from water damage by making sure that the end piece on your gutter system is pointing away from your home. If any dirt is sloping towards your home, add topsoil to it so that it is even with the rest of your property. All of these steps will protect your home from moisture-related damage. If leaks continue to be a problem, you may want to consider hiring a professional basement waterproofing...

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The Most Common Misconceptions About Fire Sprinkler Systems In The Home

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Even the idea of a fire in your home is enough to give you nightmares as a homeowner. According to a report by ABC News in 2011, one room can reach the flashover point, or the point when the room is completely engulfed in flames, in as little as 166 seconds. This means that in less than three minutes, a single flame could have the whole room destroyed, and the fire would be well on its way to the rest of the house. Fire sprinkler systems are one of the most effective ways to extinguish a fire before it gets out of control. However, there are not a lot of residential properties fitted with this safety feature thanks to some pretty common misconceptions.  Misconception: Fire sprinkler systems are only used in businesses and large buildings.  Fact: Fire sprinkler systems provide the same service for residential homeowners as businesses, and therefore, they can be installed in a home just the same. You may not know a lot of people with a fire sprinkler system in their home, but there are actually contractors who specialize solely in home installation.  Misconception: It is a lengthy undertaking to add a fire sprinkler system to an existing structure.  Fact: Installing a fire sprinkler system to an existing structure is a little more work, but it is not a major undertaking. Small water lines will be tapped into your existing water lines and ran through walls and ceilings to power the sprinkler system, which may take a few days. However, in general the project will not be one that means you will have heavy construction work in your home for weeks on end.  Misconception: Fire sprinkler systems are a very expensive change and may even make your home insurance go up.  Fact: Fire sprinkler systems are nowhere near as expensive as what most people expect. When installed in a new home construction, the price comes in at about $1.35 for every square foot of coverage for fire sprinklers. There can be a slightly higher price in an existing home just because it can be a little more time consuming to run water lines and other components, but definitely still a low cost in comparison to the amount of protection and peace of mind that is obtained.  When it comes down to the facts, it is easy to see why a sprinkler system is a logical form of fire safety regardless of the type of building it is that you are talking about. If you think that you would like to add the protection of a fire sprinkler system in your home, talk to a contractor, like those at Nor Cal Fire Protection, for more...

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Recently Experienced A Flood? Why You Need Water Damage Restoration

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After a flood, it’s easy to imagine that all you need to do is dry up any residual flood-waters and your home should be fine.  However, sometimes the rain has caused invisible damage which, although it may not be immediately apparent, could cause serious problems later on.  That’s why it’s so important to invest in water damage restoration after a flood.  Learning more about how beneficial it is to get water damage restoration can help you determine whether you should invest in it today. Restoration Is All About Keeping Your Home Structurally Sound One of the most compelling reasons why you definitely want to hire a water damage restoration company after a flood is that you want to make sure that your home is structurally sound.  This is so important because although water appears to be a benign, harmless substance, it is strong enough to inflict a significant amount of damage onto the foundation of your home. When you hire a water damage restoration team, they will use special tools to measure the soundness of your walls and foundation.  If they discover any places that are particularly weak, they will reinforce these spaces so you can retain the value of your home.  This is an important way for you to keep your family safe as well as protect your investment. Mold Could Become An Issue Another reason why it’s so beneficial to hire a water damage restoration company after a flood is because you want to guard against the growth of mold in your home.   Whenever you have had standing water in your home, there is always the chance that mold or mildew will pose a respiratory threat to your family.  Even if it looks as though you’ve completely dried out your home, it is still possible for there to be unseen wet areas that allow mold to flourish. Water damage restoration workers use strong disinfectants to stop the growth and spread of mold before it even starts.  They thoroughly dry and disinfect carpet, tile and other surface in your home so you can minimize the chance that you’ll have an expensive mold issue on your hands in the future. Hiring a water damage restoration team after a flood is an important way for you to increase your peace of mind.  Contact one of these companies like All Care today so you can benefit from their experience and expertise as soon as...

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