Even the idea of a fire in your home is enough to give you nightmares as a homeowner. According to a report by ABC News in 2011, one room can reach the flashover point, or the point when the room is completely engulfed in flames, in as little as 166 seconds. This means that in less than three minutes, a single flame could have the whole room destroyed, and the fire would be well on its way to the rest of the house.

Fire sprinkler systems are one of the most effective ways to extinguish a fire before it gets out of control. However, there are not a lot of residential properties fitted with this safety feature thanks to some pretty common misconceptions. 

Misconception: Fire sprinkler systems are only used in businesses and large buildings. 

Fact: Fire sprinkler systems provide the same service for residential homeowners as businesses, and therefore, they can be installed in a home just the same. You may not know a lot of people with a fire sprinkler system in their home, but there are actually contractors who specialize solely in home installation. 

Misconception: It is a lengthy undertaking to add a fire sprinkler system to an existing structure. 

Fact: Installing a fire sprinkler system to an existing structure is a little more work, but it is not a major undertaking. Small water lines will be tapped into your existing water lines and ran through walls and ceilings to power the sprinkler system, which may take a few days. However, in general the project will not be one that means you will have heavy construction work in your home for weeks on end. 

Misconception: Fire sprinkler systems are a very expensive change and may even make your home insurance go up. 

Fact: Fire sprinkler systems are nowhere near as expensive as what most people expect. When installed in a new home construction, the price comes in at about $1.35 for every square foot of coverage for fire sprinklers. There can be a slightly higher price in an existing home just because it can be a little more time consuming to run water lines and other components, but definitely still a low cost in comparison to the amount of protection and peace of mind that is obtained. 

When it comes down to the facts, it is easy to see why a sprinkler system is a logical form of fire safety regardless of the type of building it is that you are talking about. If you think that you would like to add the protection of a fire sprinkler system in your home, talk to a contractor, like those at Nor Cal Fire Protection, for more information.