If one of your basement’s concrete walls is cracked and water is leaking inside your home each time that it rains, learn how to repair it with concrete patch and add waterproofing sealer to its surface. Once you have completed the following steps, your basement walls will no longer leak.

Use The Following Materials

  • wire brush
  • shop vacuum cleaner
  • soapy water
  • sponge
  • towel
  • vinyl tarp
  • concrete patch
  • caulking gun
  • putty knife
  • portable fan
  • waterproofing sealer
  • paint tray
  • paint roller and frame
  • roller handle

Clean The Damaged Area

Lay a vinyl tarp on the floor in front of the damaged part of the wall. Use a wire brush to loosen and remove small slivers of concrete from the crack in the wall. If you have difficulty removing any of the concrete pieces, press the hose of a shop vacuum cleaner against the crack while the vacuum cleaner is turned on. Wipe the damaged area off with soapy water and a sponge. Rinse the sponge with plain water and move it over the damaged surface to remove soapy residue that was left behind from cleaning the concrete. Dry the wall off with a towel.

Fill The Crack And Apply Waterproofing Sealer

Insert a tube of concrete patch into a caulking gun. Squeeze an even line of the sealer inside of the crack. Smooth out the sealer with a putty knife so that it is uniform with the rest of the concrete wall. Wait for the patch to dry. This may take several hours. You can speed up the drying process by opening the basement windows or by placing a fan in front of the area of the wall that was cracked.

Pour waterproofing sealer into a paint tray. Apply an even coat of the sealer to a paint roller. Move the roller over the concrete wall in straight lines, beginning in one corner of the wall. Cover all of the basement walls with the sealer in the same manner. The sealer will need several hours to dry. After the wall has dried, you will no longer need to worry about water leaking inside of your home.

You can keep your home further protected from water damage by making sure that the end piece on your gutter system is pointing away from your home. If any dirt is sloping towards your home, add topsoil to it so that it is even with the rest of your property. All of these steps will protect your home from moisture-related damage.

If leaks continue to be a problem, you may want to consider hiring a professional basement waterproofing service.