What Does A Duct Cleaning Entail And How Does It Help Me?

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If you keep up with regular HVAC maintenance, you’ve probably heard of duct cleaning services that claim to improve efficiency and make your air cleaner. A duct-cleaning service (such as Arendosh Heating & Cooling), if reputable and thorough, will take care of more than just your ducts. It also has its benefits, but before you spend the money, you should see how such a service will benefit you and if you even need it.   What Should A Duct-Cleaning Service Offer? Despite what its name suggests, a good duct-cleaning service will clean everything from your vents and grills to your heating and cooling unit, along with coils, fans, and other parts. If you opt for a service like this, only seek out companies that will offer the full-service package. Cleaning just the ducts may be cheaper, but if you aren’t getting everything else cleaned, it’s nearly pointless. Does it Provide Any Benefits? Getting a full-service clean doesn’t necessarily make your system run more efficiently. Much like getting an annual tune up to your outdoor unit, it serves as preventative maintenance against future problems and can help your system last longer. For example, having dirty coils and motors can make your system less efficient, but perhaps more importantly, it can put strain on the system and cause it to wear down faster. However, there are certain instances where getting a full-service clean gives you much more than preventative maintenance. When Should I Have It Done? There are certain situations when it’s a good idea to get your HVAC system cleaned out of necessity, such as after construction projects or animal infestations. After water damage: Water damage can do a few things to your system, like damaging your indoor components or promoting mold growth in your ducts, vents or filters. Mold growth in your system is a problem because it makes spreading mold spores incredibly easy. After a renovation: If you’ve had serious work done on your home, even if you’ve tried to cover up your intake and outflow vents, you may still want to have everything cleaned. Renovations can let chemicals and dust inside your ducts, which will then flow out through the rest of your house, causing a mess and sometimes health problems. In case of illness: If your HVAC system has been running without a major cleaning for 10-15 years, it may be spreading around allergens even if you’ve routinely changed your air filter. At this point, a cleaning is a good idea to make sure your system isn’t causing you ill health. What Should I Watch Out For? There are plenty of reliable companies, but also those who may try to convince you that you need something...

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How To Decide If It’s Time For A New Water Heater

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A water heater is a necessity in every American home, but it can also be something that you might not think about a lot when it comes to getting maintenance done on your house. Hiring a local water heater service company to perform regular checkups on your heater could significantly lengthen its life. That said, at some point, all water heaters will eventually need to be replaced. If you are debating whether or not it’s time, here are 3 things to think about that should influence your decision. Is the Water Heater Somewhere Where a Leak Would Do Significant Damage? As your water heater ages or deteriorates, a possible leak could become more likely. If your water heater is located in some corner of the basement and there is nothing valuable around it, then a small leak might not be a huge issue. But if your heater is on the 2nd floor of your house and any kind of leak would damage your carpet or furniture, then you might want to make haste about getting a water heater replacement.  Do You Have Hard Water in Your Area? Hard water can cause some sediment to build up within your water heater, which can eventually lead to trouble. If you know that your water heater is on its last legs, but you are hoping to get a few more months out of it, you may want to reconsider if you know that the quality of water in your area causes problems. You could have someone come out and remove any sediment buildup of course, but that’s putting a band aid on the problem. If your water heater is especially old, you may also find that a modern heater is much better equipped to deal with things like hard water. Get a Professional’s Opinion If your water heater has been making some weird noises or causing problems, the best way to decide if it’s time for a replacement is to get a water heater service out to the house. A professional with the company can do a full inspection and give you an honest opinion about whether or not it’s time for a replacement.  Water heater replacement isn’t cheap, and it’s understandable if you want to put it off as long as possible. But keep in mind that a leak could cause significantly more financial damage to your home than the cost of the replacement. Consider things like the location of the heater in the home, the quality of the water in your area, and the opinion of a water heater professional when deciding when it’s time to make a change. For more information, contact Marv’s Plumbing or a similar...

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