The furnace can be a critical part of a home’s heating system. Yet, it is relatively common for homebuyers to purchase a home with a furnace despite being inexperienced and uninformed about these heating systems. If you have recently purchased a home with a furnace, you may find it beneficial to have a couple of questions answered about these critical devices. After you have a couple of furnace concerns addressed, you will be better informed about your new home’s furnace. 

Is It Normal For The Furnace To Be Loud?

When your furnace turns on, you may notice that it makes a relatively loud sound. This sound comes from the motor moving air through the system. If you have only recently noticed this sound being made, you may benefit from having the system inspected by a professional furnace technician. 

During these inspections, the technician will confirm that there are no loose or damaged parts. This type of evaluation will require disassembling several components of the furnace, and they will also lubricate the moving components to help reduce the noise made by the furnace. Due to the technical nature of this type of service, you may be better served by having this essential work done by a professional. 

Do All Furnaces Burn Fuel?

There are many homeowners that may enjoy the benefits of a furnace but they might be concerned about having a combustion-based heating system. If you have purchased a home with a gas or oil furnace, you can avoid this problem by upgrading the furnace to an all-electric model. An electric furnace contains a powerful heating coil in it that is used to generate the heat, as opposed to a traditional furnace. 

This type of furnace can provide you with another benefit as well because it is far less maintenance intensive than traditional furnaces. You will only need to have this unit serviced once a year, and the filters will need to be replaced every few months. Due to the fact these systems do not burn fuel, they will not require as much cleaning to keep them functioning correctly. 

A furnace can be a reliable and efficient heating system to use for your home, but if you recently purchased a home with a furnace, it is important for you to be well-informed about furnace maintenance and upgrades. Understanding that a loud furnace can be indicative of a unit that needs to be serviced as well as the benefits of opting for an electric furnace will help enhance your understanding about this heating option for your house. Contact a local contractor, like Borter Heating & Air Conditioning Co, for more info.