3 Helpful Tips For A Successful Kitchen Remodel

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A beautiful kitchen is on most homeowners’ wishlists, so if you’re less than happy with your current kitchen, a remodel may be the perfect solution. Remodeling your kitchen can also add value to your home– you can expect to recoup approximately 79.3% of the money spent on a minor kitchen remodel and 67.8% of the cost for a major kitchen remodel when you sell your house. If you’re going to invest the money to remodel your kitchen, consider the following tips: Hire a Licensed Contractor When it comes to a large project like a kitchen remodel, it is essential to hire a contractor who is licensed, bonded, and insured. Working with a licensed contractor typically costs more than an unlicensed contractor, but the extra expense is usually worth it because you know that you’re working with a professional who takes his or her job very seriously. In order to obtain a contractor’s license, an individual usually has to pass a business management test, prove that he or she has project management experience, and undergo a background check. In many cases, a contractor cannot obtain a license if he or she has unresolved complaints about past projects. Spend the extra money on a licensed contractor if you want your project to go smoothly. Leave Extra Room in Your Budget A good contractor is skilled in giving accurate price quotes for a kitchen remodel, but there is always a chance that something can come up that costs extra. Whether a plumbing issue is discovered while installing a new kitchen sink, or you realize that you want a different grade of countertop that costs more, it is always a good idea to have a little extra room in your budget to account for unplanned expenses. The last thing you want is for your remodel to be delayed because you don’t have the funds available to finish a project because of unforeseen circumstances. Make a Plan for Living without a Kitchen Depending on the extent of your kitchen remodel, you may not be able to use your kitchen for several days or even a few weeks. It is a good idea to make a plan in advance so you and your family do not have to eat out for every meal. If possible, set up a temporary mini kitchen in another area of the house– include a coffee maker, toaster, electric skillet, microwave, slow cooker, and a compact refrigerator. Don’t forget to purchase disposable cups, plates, and cutlery to use during the remodel. Reach out to a contractor like Bob Carroll Building Contractor for more...

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Three Ways To Increase Your Garage Door Security

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According to some experts, a skilled thief can open your garage door in as little as 6 seconds. Since a number of people often leave the door that connects their garage to their home unlocked, if the thieves are able to access the door, this doesn’t just give them access to the garage, but also free and open access to your entire home.  Make sure you know how to keep your garage door more secure. Don’t Overlook Maintenance Don’t overlook the importance of maintenance when it comes to security. This is especially the case when it comes to loose hinges and locks along the door’s frame. When these components are loose, they are much easier to remove, giving a burglar access to the door. Make it a point to inspect these parts at least once a year. Another thing to look out for is corrosion around the side of the door. Corrosion will also decrease the integrity of metal and make it easier to remove or break. Either have the corrosion removed and the door repaired or have a new corrosion-proof door installed. Secure The Release Even those garage doors that operate with an automated opener will have an emergency release. Make sure you keep the release secure. Depending on the design of the door, even if the theft is only able to pull up the door slightly, if they can access the string that activates the emergency release, they can then pull the emergency release lever and open the door fully. Consider installing zip ties along the release lever that will keep it secured to the opener so that it isn’t hanging down and therefore accessible by a burglar. Automated Locking System Another consideration is an automated locking mechanism for your garage door. These units are installed on the inside of the door and they function similar to traditional locks; however, they can be controlled remotely with an internet connection or a smartphone. As a secondary locking system, even if someone tries to pry the door open or your emergency release lever is not secured, the lock will prevent them from opening the door. Additionally, since you can control the lock when you are away from home, you can have confidence that your home is secure no matter where you are. A garage door installation and repair specialist can help you keep your garage door and your home more secure. For professional help, contact a company such as All Pro Quality Garage Doors,...

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