If you keep a working fire extinguisher in your home, you might be thinking that you’ve done all your need to be able to control a fire. The reality, however, is that larger homes (and certain state regulations) often mean that one fire extinguisher is not enough. While it’s overkill to have one device in every room, the reality to keep in mind is that if a fire breaks out somewhere in your home, you might not be able to retrieve your fire extinguisher from a distant room until the fire has spread. Here are four rooms that can benefit from a fire extinguisher.


Your garage is a valuable spot to store a fire extinguisher. Not only will it not look out of place alongside tools and outdoor equipment, but it can also be a valuable ally if you’re continuously working on projects in your garage. Many garage projects, such as soldering and welding, can create sparks that could possibly lead to a fire. Coupled with the fact that garages often have flammable products such as oil, it’s beneficial to ensure that a fire extinguisher is easily accessible in this space.


Sure, a fire extinguisher won’t match your kitchen decor, but you need to remember that a fire can easily start in your oven, on your stove or even in your toaster. You want to have a fire extinguisher close at hand, so keeping one in the kitchen is ideal. If you want to be subtle about its location, consider mounting it to the inside of one of your bottom cupboards; it won’t be a visual distraction but will be within easy reach.


Having a wood-burning fireplace in the basement is ideal because the heat can rise and flow throughout your entire home. However, there risk of a fire getting out of control is always nearby when you have a fireplace; all it takes is for a hot ash to land on a carpet and not be noticed, and you could soon have a smoldering mess. A fire extinguisher nearby can help you deal with the fire before it spreads.

Backyard Shed

Although not technically a room in your home, your backyard shed is on your property and your responsibility. If you can identify any potential fire hazards in this location, it’s ideal to keep a fire extinguisher handy. For example, if you’re filling your lawnmower with gas and it ignites, there won’t be time to run to the house to retrieve your fire extinguisher. For more information, contact companies like Amerisafe.