If you are in the market to purchase a new piece of property, or you want to build a home on a piece of land, it’s important to know what you’re buying. Even when the property borders are marked with fences, these fences may be in the wrong place. Many property owners find that although they were purchasing a certain lot of land, their property is cut off by the fences of neighbors who only guessed at the property line. When you get your potential property surveyed, you will know exactly what you will own before you make the purchase and you can plan accordingly.

Avoid Property Line Disputes In The Future

Although every real estate transaction should contain a land survey, this doesn’t mean that the surveys are carefully looked over by the buyer or seller. When you are really interested in a property, yet you find out the neighbor has a corner of their fence taking over some of your property, you may not want to cause problems. Some people overlook a fence for the sake of streamlining the buying process. It’s important to understand that if your land was properly surveyed and you did nothing about the fence, you can’t do much about it once you move in, either.

When You Go To Sell Your Property

The problem with accepting a neighbor’s fence on your property isn’t just when you move in, but when you want to sell the property. The next homeowner may be very upset that the neighbor’s fence is six inches on the property they want to buy. While you weren’t bothered by the issue, a new property owner could be. As you buy property, it’s always useful to think about the resale value. 

Negotiating With The Seller

If you have the property surveyed and the actual property is not in the clear control of the seller, you may need to negotiate the selling price to deal with the problem. You can ask the seller to handle the perimeter issues of the property, or ask that the piece of property you want to purchase be defined and priced accordingly. You don’t want to get into a situation where the property borders are not clearly defined, as this can cause you problems with your neighbors in the future.

A land survey is an affordable way to determine the parameters of the property you want to purchase, and an excellent investment when you want to ensure the property you are buying is as-described. For more information, check with surveyors like those at DC Gohn Associates Inc Surveyors & Engineers.