Making Your Home Exteriors More Eco-Friendly And Energy Efficient: Tips For You

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If you are a homeowner that is concerned with energy efficiency and environmental friendliness, you likely try to make any decisions about home improvements with these factors in mind. As such, if you are looking to update and upgrade your home’s exteriors, you may wonder what you can and should do to make everything more energy efficient and eco-friendly. Before you get started on any projects, get to know some of the options that can help you to attain these goals. Then, you can be sure that you are making the right choices for you and your home. Siding Replacement Your home’s siding is one of the most important aspects of its exterior. The siding protects your home from harsh weather and the elements and helps to insulate and protect the inside of your home. It also covers the largest area of your home. Because of this, replacing your siding is a great opportunity to make your exteriors more eco-friendly and energy efficient. When you are looking for greener options, you will want to look for replacement siding that is at least partially made from recycled or repurposed materials. Generally, this leaves you with the classic and traditional option of wood siding or the more modern options of metal siding. Metal siding is usually made of aluminum which can be formed, at least partially, from recycled metals. Wood siding, on the other hand, can use reclaimed or repurposed wood from previous construction as the base siding material. If reclaimed wood siding is unavailable, new wood siding can also be eco-friendly if it is harvested from sources that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (a group that oversees the lumber industry and determines if the product is being harvested sustainably). Both metal and wood siding are also considered to be energy efficient. Roof Replacement Another important aspect of your home’s exteriors is, of course, your roof. The roof is one of the primary sources of thermal energy transfer in your home and is the area most exposed to direct sunlight. Because of this, it is important that you have a high-quality roof that prevents thermal energy transfer. There are many roofing materials available on the market. However, one of the most energy efficient and the most environmentally-friendly options would have to be recycled rubber roofing. This roofing material is made of recycled tires and is a thick and dense roofing material. Rubber absorbs heat and cold without transferring it through, which makes it a very good insulator for your roof as well. Other eco-friendly and energy efficient roofing options include recycled wood shingles, recycled asphalt shingles, metal roofing, or even a living roof (a roof made of a thin...

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4 Tips For Choosing A Crane Rental Company To Rent From

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Whether you are a contractor about to start a project or a homeowner who needs a heavy load lifted, choosing the right crane rental company is essential. Cranes are heavy-duty construction equipment, and they should be rented with care. Use the following tips to help you choose the best crane rental company for your project: Ask for Comprehensive Quotes Before signing a rental contract, it is always a good idea to get several bids from different crane rental companies in your area. When requesting price quotes, look for companies who offer comprehensive bids that clearly show exactly what you will be charged and what type of services you will be receiving. Transparency is important when renting a crane, and reputable companies should have no problem being clear with their fees. While price is an important factor, don’t automatically go for the cheapest bid. There are several other factors to consider before making your final decision. Think About Safety Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to crane rentals. It is a good idea to look for a company that offers a fleet of newer cranes for rent. You may also want to ask to see the service and maintenance records for the crane you want to rent so you can rest assured that it is in good operating condition. You may also want to do a search to see if there have been any accidents involving a crane from the company that you want to rent from. Arrange for Crane Operation If you are not experienced in operating a crane, a crane rental company should not be comfortable renting to you without having a rigger on site during your project to properly operate the crane. If a crane rental company does not employ their own rigger, they should be able to help arrange for one to be present on the days of your rental.  Experience Take experience into account when hiring a crane rental company. It can be smart to choose a company that has been in business for a long time and has a strong understanding of cranes and which types of cranes are best for different types of projects. If you opt for a newer crane rental company, try to find one that has owners and employees who have worked in the crane rental industry for a while; a company may be new, but you’ll still be renting from a company that has people who have knowledge of cranes. For more information, contact companies like HB Crane...

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What Is The Best Flooring To Install In Your Child’s Treehouse?

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You should start the treehouse with a durable hardwood such as pine, cedar, or redwood because they are safe and water-resistant. Softer wood, such as spruce, birch, or poplar, can shrink faster because they contain more moisture. Treated wood is stronger and won’t decay as easily. You get the idea of a sturdy foundation. Here are more suggestions for the flooring of the child’s new play house. Floor Basics It is advisable to begin with 2x4s or 2x6s plywood or decking. However, don’t use chip boards including oriented strand board (OSB) because it can absorb water and easily swell. The slats should provide air flow of approximately ½” apart that have been pretreated with a wood preserver. The flooring can also be protected with an extended roof. The joists should be 12″ apart with a minimum thickness of 1″ for safety. A drainage slope is advisable of 1 in 12 (5°) that can help drainage and remain safe. Floor coverings shouldn’t be used unless the floor remains dry. Plywood Plywood can be used over the beam crosses and adhered with adhesive and screws. However, it is necessary to use marine plywood because it is seven or eight layers thick and uses a waterproof epoxy to bind them together. The plywood is also treated with a waterproof sealer and has no gaps/voids in between the layers like regular plywood. It is faster than using regular boards for the flooring since it can be cut to fit the area of the treehouse. IPE Decking This is a durable and strong choice that originated in South and Central America. It resists mold and fungus growths and will remain cool since it is heat-resistant. It is also slip-resistant and will repel rot and decay. It is perfect for children to play on because it is also resists slivers and scratches. It is easily cleaned and you can apply a decking oil to give it a boost to help repel UV rays and water damage. Maintain the Flooring Wood products should be protected from elements whether they are directly in contact with them or not. For the exterior floors, like the ones in a tree house, you should apply a clear sealant every one to three years for protection. All wood has a lifetime, and protecting the surface will make them last much longer. Even though you might want to place carpet in your child’s treehouse, you should probably settle for some throw rugs that can be easily cleaned. You can also remove them before the floors get wet. As you see, there are several options to make the play haven safe for your...

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Buying A New Home: Why It’s Important To Have The Land Surveyed

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If you are in the market to purchase a new piece of property, or you want to build a home on a piece of land, it’s important to know what you’re buying. Even when the property borders are marked with fences, these fences may be in the wrong place. Many property owners find that although they were purchasing a certain lot of land, their property is cut off by the fences of neighbors who only guessed at the property line. When you get your potential property surveyed, you will know exactly what you will own before you make the purchase and you can plan accordingly. Avoid Property Line Disputes In The Future Although every real estate transaction should contain a land survey, this doesn’t mean that the surveys are carefully looked over by the buyer or seller. When you are really interested in a property, yet you find out the neighbor has a corner of their fence taking over some of your property, you may not want to cause problems. Some people overlook a fence for the sake of streamlining the buying process. It’s important to understand that if your land was properly surveyed and you did nothing about the fence, you can’t do much about it once you move in, either. When You Go To Sell Your Property The problem with accepting a neighbor’s fence on your property isn’t just when you move in, but when you want to sell the property. The next homeowner may be very upset that the neighbor’s fence is six inches on the property they want to buy. While you weren’t bothered by the issue, a new property owner could be. As you buy property, it’s always useful to think about the resale value.  Negotiating With The Seller If you have the property surveyed and the actual property is not in the clear control of the seller, you may need to negotiate the selling price to deal with the problem. You can ask the seller to handle the perimeter issues of the property, or ask that the piece of property you want to purchase be defined and priced accordingly. You don’t want to get into a situation where the property borders are not clearly defined, as this can cause you problems with your neighbors in the future. A land survey is an affordable way to determine the parameters of the property you want to purchase, and an excellent investment when you want to ensure the property you are buying is as-described. For more information, check with surveyors like those at DC Gohn Associates Inc Surveyors &...

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4 Rooms in Your Home That Could Use a Fire Extinguisher

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If you keep a working fire extinguisher in your home, you might be thinking that you’ve done all your need to be able to control a fire. The reality, however, is that larger homes (and certain state regulations) often mean that one fire extinguisher is not enough. While it’s overkill to have one device in every room, the reality to keep in mind is that if a fire breaks out somewhere in your home, you might not be able to retrieve your fire extinguisher from a distant room until the fire has spread. Here are four rooms that can benefit from a fire extinguisher. Garage Your garage is a valuable spot to store a fire extinguisher. Not only will it not look out of place alongside tools and outdoor equipment, but it can also be a valuable ally if you’re continuously working on projects in your garage. Many garage projects, such as soldering and welding, can create sparks that could possibly lead to a fire. Coupled with the fact that garages often have flammable products such as oil, it’s beneficial to ensure that a fire extinguisher is easily accessible in this space. Kitchen Sure, a fire extinguisher won’t match your kitchen decor, but you need to remember that a fire can easily start in your oven, on your stove or even in your toaster. You want to have a fire extinguisher close at hand, so keeping one in the kitchen is ideal. If you want to be subtle about its location, consider mounting it to the inside of one of your bottom cupboards; it won’t be a visual distraction but will be within easy reach. Basement Having a wood-burning fireplace in the basement is ideal because the heat can rise and flow throughout your entire home. However, there risk of a fire getting out of control is always nearby when you have a fireplace; all it takes is for a hot ash to land on a carpet and not be noticed, and you could soon have a smoldering mess. A fire extinguisher nearby can help you deal with the fire before it spreads. Backyard Shed Although not technically a room in your home, your backyard shed is on your property and your responsibility. If you can identify any potential fire hazards in this location, it’s ideal to keep a fire extinguisher handy. For example, if you’re filling your lawnmower with gas and it ignites, there won’t be time to run to the house to retrieve your fire extinguisher. For more information, contact companies...

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